We know social media can be time consuming and can leave you wondering if social is really helping your business. We offer small group and one-on-one trainings to show you how to more efficiently use social media to drive sales for your business. 

Which training is right for you?


Small Group Social Media Trainings

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Instagram For Small Business

We’ll work in a small group and address my most typical questions about Instagram to gain followers organically, how to create posts that connect with your client, and how do it without taking over your life.


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Social Media 101 for Business

We’ll work in a small group to uncover the essentials to the most popular social media platforms. Understand how each network works, the features and functions of each, and how to grow and monetize your business on each platform.



One-On-One Social Media Trainings

One-on-one trainings are virtual. Time and date are your preference.